Wolfe News Wire

Wolfe News Wire, a division of Wolfe Public Relations, is an online press release posting service for companies and organizations in the U.S., Latin America and other locations throughout the world.

The site, located at www.wolfenews.com, provides an online news portal to a wide range of industries, including banking and finance, law, travel, business services, sports, real estate, government, manufacturing and construction as well as foundations and non-profits.

Wolfe Public Relations utilizes Wolfe News Wire to enhance the PR value of press releases and articles written and distributed on behalf of its clients. A well-written, newsworthy press release, optimized for online search engines, will help you get noticed by the media as well as among the online community that finds your news posted on Wolfe News Wire. A consistent program of press releases, distributed and shared in a professional manner, will raise your organization's credibility and visibility and drive traffic to your website.

Each press release posted on Wolfe News Wire also includes anchor text with backlinks to the homepage of your organization's website and other deeper links on your site, which will help increase your search engine rankings. Also, your news remains archived on Wolfe News Wire, accessed by clicking a company logo such as Camp Sunshine. The press releases, too, can be shared via e-mail, or posted to social bookmarking sites (Delicious, Digg, reddit, Newsvine) or social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) directly from Wolfe News Wire.

Wolfe News Wire is ideal for companies and organizations looking to maximize the value of their press releases by reaching beyond traditional media and building a stronger online presence.

Contact Wolfe News Wire at (520) 399-5097 or jason@wolfenews.com.