News Release Writing

As former reporters and news people, we take a journalistic approach to PR, which raises your credibility and increases your chances for coverage. All news releases are written in AP style vs. promotional language. AP style is the preferred method used by skilled PR firms.

The U.S. press receives hundreds of news releases each day from well-meaning organizations and businesses. Unfortunately, journalists can't use poorly written or overly promotional releases, the fatal flaw of so many marketing and ad agencies who try to do PR. So quality news writing is the first step.

Knowing how to position your news is also important. We know immediately whether your news is worth a news release, a media pitch, a trend release, a phone call, an e-mail or a major news announcement. And that makes all the difference. We don't waste your time or ours with news that won't get placed.

We also stress facts and figures, so the releases we write for you will be heavy on facts the media can use vs. promises or promotional language. That's why the media we work with pay attention to our releases, an important first step in getting coverage.

We also provide writing services independent of our other PR services.

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